Thursday, September 27, 2007

40 years, one day

It's Thursday the 27th, and the world seems to expect me to feel somehow different because I turned 40. Sad? No way. I like being here, joining this club of women who have arrived. I'm going to celebrate my self, finally accept my body (and those loving "Aunties" that Annie Lamott joyfully embraces!), gracefully look ahead to the next half and all the newness and wonder it will bring, and tenderly hold the memories of the past.

The time is flying but the season doesn't seem to be changing. It seems to be throwing a lot of us off a bit, as we're ready to pull ou
t our puffs, woolies, soup pots and fleeces. I know I'm ready to slow down after a whirlwind summer. I sat in Olivia's bedroom at the condo the other day, looked around at all of the mementos, and realized that she's now in her 4th room since June of 2006. Crazy. Time to slow down, focus on family, create new traditions, eat lentil soup, embrace stillness.

Olivia's world? She comes out of her bedroom in the morning a new girl every cute, so stylish in her 10 year old ways. Skirts over jeans, a funky belt around her waist, a pageboy hat. She loves her room and has created a great little clubhouse in her big closet. She has shelves filled with her treasures--photos, stuffed animals, seashells, a lamp, a small rug, pillows to fall back on. She spends her time reading voraciously, decorating, primping, and most of all, antagonizing Caleb!

Caleb? He's doing ok....I think he's still trying to figure out who he is and what he really likes to do with his time. He's in his new room and looks around and sees lots and lots of Legos, but wishes he had a little something "else" to do. What is that other thing? We're not sure. We want to show him that a trip to ToysRUs isn't the solution. Maybe a trip to the recycling tub for some toilet paper tubes and cardboard boxes will do the trick! He's been reading the "365 TV Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child" book every night and has earmarked a few projects, including the "Cereal Box City." Time to eat up the Peanut Butter Bumpers so he can get to work!

Life is good. We're blessed beyond measure. I have friends who are experiencing immeasurable grief as I write this; a client is dying as her parents sit, wait, and let go. Life is a challenge, every single day. The world really is big, and we are truly small. Today? I'm going to get my work done, call my guy, eat some apples. I'll go home to my family, sit, and smile, and celebrate being 40.