Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Wednesday night, the kids are in bed. Liv's reading, Caleb's drifting off. Liv landed a part in the Boys & Girls Club play (Mary Poppins), but was a little sad that she originally was given a lead part and was then demoted to "Constable/Marble/and some other guy." I'm confident that she'll survive the loss. She's also busy with Girl Scouts, planning their first campout for the year. Caleb's still keeping life pretty simple....playing with Legos, working on detailed drawings (mostly of some type of battle these days), and making new friends. He has a new buddy who lives down the street----a great little guy named Elijah. They (C, O, and E) all walked to school together yesterday, sans parents. It's a pretty big walk (8 blocks, I think?), but with crossing guards along the way..Caleb's birthday party, which actually happened a few weeks ago, was quite a fete. Pics show his actual bday, with the strawberry tart Phil made for him, his party cake, which was actually a mountain of ice cream sandwiches, the big relay race, and some random pics of his buddies.

My bash was on Saturday night, here at the house. It was a grand event! I'm lucky to have so many fun friends. The night was cool and bright. Friends brought deeeelicious food to share. The spirit was light and really lovely.Beth and Barb
The happy couple

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