Monday, March 10, 2008

7 months later....

And Phil's asleep in the chair, sitting up. Liv and Caleb are out too. It's quiet. I only hear the ticking of the clock and the tapping of the keys.

Ice storms and talk of warmer days to come. Curried lentils. A meowing cat wanting to go outside. Scrabulous with ChaCha. Reserving hotels in California. Unwinding. Unpeeling. Counting the days until my last day at work, getting ready to shake off a few years. Getting ready to play again.

Olivia: practicing hard for her part in the school play. Quiet lately, probably tired. She works hard at whatever she does. Her new hermit crabs are... hermits! They hide deep down in the dirt.

Caleb: growing up, but holding on. Trying hard to let go of old habits, but somewhat pensive about what is next.

me.... sleepy, thirsty. ready for what's next. ready to help caleb grow. ready to help liv revive....

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