Friday, March 21, 2008


Holy cow. Friday night. Today was my last day at CHT. Last day as a full-time employee anywhere. It hasn't completely sunk in yet, but it's starting. It feels so incredibly good to know that I am going to have time, sweet sweet time to nurture myself, the kids, Phil, my friendships...

I'm going to enter into the first month with ease. No big projects, no big plans. I signed out 6+ books from the library. Every subject from Basquiat, kokology, sibling rivalry and woodblock printing. I plan on sitting by the fire, book in hand, coffee by my side. Add a few naps, trips to the Y, bike rides with Phil when the weather changes. Ahhhhh.

I think I know myself well enough to know that I will have to keep some wheels turning, so I've already arranged some bartering gigs. I'm doing graphic design work in exchange for some goodies---massage and local honey. It's a perfect match.

I think the kids are looking forward to this change. I also think they may not understand or appreciate the meaning of it all. For me it really is a dream come true. A real opportunity to relax for awhile. Paint some pictures. Dig in the dirt. Smile at my children. Love my man.

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