Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home again, diddly dee

Back to Burlington, VT after a wonderful road / air trip to PA and OR! So much fun with sibs Michael, Karen, Sue; family Danyelle and Julianna, then Phil's daughter Kate and her love Tony. It was a long trip that never felt long, with people I love with all my heart.

Creatively, I got a few paintings started while in Oregon. I didn't think that any inspiration was coming my way, but after I lined them up I realized that the bounty of fresh free fruit found its way onto the paintbrush! Brighter colors and shapes that drip of sweetness cover the canvas boards. They're not quite finished, and who knows what will happen to them, but I'm glad that I had the time and the space to get a head start on them.

I got to spend a few hours on some other pieces here at home today outside on the back porch. In a sweater and corduroys! The air is so cool and refreshing, but a bit challenging in a way because the crispness in Vermont in late August arrives with an unforgiving bang that reminds us that yes, summer is over. Quick! Hit the beach one more time... Crap! I didn't climb Camel's Hump afterall.... Damn, was that actually a tan that I almost had?

But overall, I'm happy for the change in seasons. My body has a memory of the slower pace of the fall and winter, and I'm in need of an empty house for awhile. I look forward to getting the kids off to school, exercising my body and/or my mind, then painting alone for a few hours. It seems like the pieces that I've created in the past few months haven't found a common thread, and that's mostly because I've been trying to paint in the swirl of a busy and happy summertime family household. Like writing poetry at the dining room table at Grandma's on Thanksgiving. Kinda hard to get into the groove. Kinda hard to find that place....

So, today I look at my living room absent one chair (found in a dumpster, then sold online $$!), 6+ paintings lined up where the chair once stood, paintings ready to go on exhibit and hopefully off to another home somewhere. A guitar on the sofa, 2 weeks' worth of unread Sunday NY Times, a few suitcases and a few containers of camping equipment, and I think, "Ahhhh, it can wait until tomorrow." Right now, I'm going to put on a sweater, go out to the front porch, and sit with my husband as the sun goes down over Lake Champlain. I'll chat with a neighbor and talk about the last flowers in the garden, plans for the fall, and the quickness of the passing of another season. Tomorrow......?... !

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