Saturday, August 2, 2008

..... those who love......

Saturday morning. The sun is shining. Kids are stirring.

I spent a big portion of yesterday working on a new piece. I have an old, old Sears catalog (1950's, I believe) that I got from my brother Michael during a family 'Christmas in July Yankee Swap' that we did at last year's Whalen Weekend (sibling get-together at my sister's camp). It's been sitting around the house for a year, not really doing anything. In the past week or so I realized that it was time to explore a new direction, creatively, so I did what I really like to do.... look around me and see what's here, what's ready to be something else. So the catalog and some old books now tell new stories.

I went to Recycle North (great local non-profit used household goods store: and grabbed some great old books. I looked for variations in color, language style, content, and most of all, repetitive headers that were interesting. At first the focus of the piece was the line "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference" from an old Dale Carnegie book, but the words, "Those Who Love" eventually became the strength behind the image.

What do I see? Women and self esteem, the isolation of motherhood, the prioritization of shoes over issues, the loss of confidence that girls often go through after age 9. What do you see? Just look....Those Who Love 1
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