Monday, August 4, 2008

The Unknowing

Well hey I had my first sale on Etsy yesterday! One of my favorite paintings, "The Unknowing" will be making the journey across the US to Eugene, Oregon. What a joy! It's a sweet piece too, so I'm very happy that it have a new home.

I have a few more days here at home before we head out for some vacationing. I have a few paintings here that are in need of some love and attention -- they're not quite ready, but close. The kids will be gone tomorrow, so that will be a great time to set up the easel on the back porch and let it all fly. I hope to get them up before we leave on Thursday.

We'll be in PA and OR on our trip, so I'll take the sketch book along and grab some inspiration. I'm certain Oregon will provide some new perspective of shapes, textures, and colors. Pennsylvania always impresses me with how lush it all is. This time of year it's bursting green. The trees get so full, rolling fields are like soft bellies, baskets of green peppers at the farmers market beckon.

So this morning, as I sit here, I start my day with gratitude. Not a bad practice, eh? A new day, more unknowing, more opportunities for new growth. Yeehaw!

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