Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I am an artist and not a gardener!

One of two wheelbarrow loads of weeds from my front flower bed.

I'm sitting here chomping on a hot pepper, writing one more time before we head out to good old Pennsylvania tomorrow. I packed some boards and fabulous travel-sized tubes of paint that I found at Boutellier's today. I finished a nice piece yesterday that has an almost paisley/India kind of feel to it. Better seen than said.... but the camera is packed and I'm heading out the door, so pics will come later. Jamming and cramming to get ready for the Art Hop, which is coming up on Sept. 5-6th. ((( ))) I'd love to have a few more wonderful pieces ready, so I guess I'll be laying some stuff together out in Oregon. Wonderful!

Happy trails, amigos. More next week!

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