Friday, September 5, 2008

Art Hop! Art Gop!

It's a sunny Friday morning. I'm eating some homemade granola with tons of almonds in it, reading up on business topics at The Art Hop starts tonight, so I have a few things to wrangle up to take along to my showing. Got a peek at the juried show yesterday --- there's a lot of great stuff, a lot of mediocre stuff too. But it's so cool to see so many people creating and putting it out there.

It's been a fun week, kinda crazy too. Political confusion abounds --- I'm dumbfounded by what's happening with the GOP party, but even more with what so many Americans are believing. I can't say that I believe that we'll all suffer immeasurably if McCain gets into office (although I believe that Obama will put us on a fantastic track -- no doubts there), but I do think that the majority of Americans have been absolutely brainwashed by the GOP/FoxNews/Gannett, et. al. Seeing the arrests at the RNC, and hearing first hand someone actually say that they won't vote for Barack because "he doesn't wear a flag pin" is so frightening. What the hell? I'm all for discourse. Just give me a better reason than that. That's what's so frightening to me. People are voting (or not!) because of a piece of jewelry, a name, a distant relative's religion....

I've been 'on vacation' in a sense, for the past few weeks. The Art Hop pieces have a life of their own and have left the nest, so to speak. I'm taking a short break from painting so that the next body of work will be something else, something that goes along with this new season. I love autumn, putting on sweaters and jeans and my Frye boots. Waking up at 3am, scrambling for a blanket. Feeling Caleb's smooth, cool bare back when I give him a 'good morning' hug. I think that the seasonal change will reflect itself it what comes next, artistically.

But hey, back to work. Time to make a business plan and pick some places to show this winter. Time to think about the next paintings (they'll be big, that's the first thing I know). Time to think about a place to paint (know of an empty garage / barn in Burlington for rent on the cheap?).

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