Monday, September 15, 2008

say the word... susstudio

Ahhh a bit of unwinding over the past few days. A weekend with my sugars in Hancock, VT, now back home and in search of a studio space. It was fun to paint on the back porch all summer, but the chill is coming in from the north, so it's time to find a new nest. One avenue of thought has been to find a large space and sublet the rest. Another is to settle into an existing space and get to know some other artists. That sounds best to me at this point.

It's Monday night, the kiddos are reading quietly, Phil's catching up with Molly. It's dark outside, we're shopping for a wood stove, and I think today may have been the last day for flip-flops.

I started a new series of paintings that will be my view of Vermont. My Church St., Camel's Hump, Lake Champlain. I think I have a viewpoint that's quite unique. Hopefully it will all translate well. The pieces are larger than others that I've done, but still on wood. Lots of color, layers, black on top, scratched and burnt off to reveal the colors. Playful, screwy, not even very understandable.

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