Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Impression

It's Monday afternoon, and life is really quite good.

I think the big old financial crisis is hitting people in a way that is a bit unexpected, me included. In the past week, I've flopped from panic (i.e., oh my's all crashing... should we get chickens? a gun?!) to absolute peace with it all, actually welcoming whatever shakedown comes from it. I hear more and more people talking about their grandparents, their experiences with the depression and how people had a camaraderie that is all too absent today. Not a bad thing, I think, to bring back to the masses. Time to put away the credit cards, time to stop believing that a $170 pair of jeans will make your life better. Time to make soup with lots of potatoes, time to make art with what's in the house! I've already worked on setting up a holiday gift-making party with the Sugars, where we'll kick out a bunch of homemade gifts together, working with what we have on hand (journals from old aprons, of course!)

Speaking was quite a big day for me 'cause I moved into my new studio. It's a funky old garage in Burlington's Old North End, right across the street from Viva Espresso and the Panadero Bakery. Perfect! It has a nasty kerosene smell, no running water, and no bathroom, but it's allllll mine! Big windows that look out into backyards, and lots and lots of space. I scraped paint off the windows this morning (apparently it was an old guy's 'workshop' -- who knows what Pop Pop was doing out there -- blacked out windows??!!), swept up, put on a borderline obnoxious (not to me but potentially to others) mix CD, and got to work. It felt great to get a new start in a space that will allow me to be messy and creative and loud.

The paintings that are 'appearing' lately have a sense of a city landscape -- mostly nighttime, big city skylines reflected in water. I had started a series based on VT landscapes, but this other stuff keeps coming through. It's interesting, and I'm curious to see where it goes......

2:00...the nap is calling. Time to let some more braincells grow, to replace the ones that died this morning in the studio.

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