Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New York City Scapes and Big City Skylines

I spent a good part of yesterday in the studio. It feels great to have the space to stretch out and create without a single distraction. I don't use a cell phone, and I certainly don't take the computer along (I wouldn't have a connection anyway), so it's quite raw and basic when I'm there. So far, it's the perfect recipe for creativity and freedom.

I worked my way into this next period of creativity with the vision of doing a series of paintings about Vermont, but curiously, what is coming out are abstract cityscapes, mostly nighttime skylines reflected in water. What makes me feel absolutely wonderful is the fact that I no idea where these images are coming from, so that helps me to believe that I am successful in my quest to be completely free in my creativity, in my moment, and without too much thought of the future. When I'm painting and experience those moments of free flowing creativity, without my inner critic analyzing the piece, I have a sense of connectedness that soothes my little soul.

Phil and I spent a good hour or so this morning discussing just that. Being connected. Believing. Believing in something...anything! I definitely struggle with it all, and at times delve too far into the literal or even the literary side of it (just look at my library list of books borrowed!) Our conversation left me with the realization (again, this isn't new...I just need a reminder now and then) that yes, there is something. It's not in my best interest to try to define it right now. But in order to bring more comfort into my life, which is the result of this connectedness, I need to pay attention to the moments that make me feel in touch with that little bit of positive magic, which I understand to be "It."

So today I'm going to putter around the house, listen for little messages, welcome the messenger, stay relaxed in my day and spontaneous with my intentions. It's all I can do... all any of us can do!

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