Monday, October 6, 2008

Night Dream

It's Monday morning, and we just had a wonderful whirlwind weekend with the Merricks. Grandma Helen, of course, and Greta & Brandon from Boston, Tim & Janet up from NYC, and Rick and his crew from NH. Big dinner on Sat. night with flatbread from the backyard oven. It was so nice to have everyone here and to work a little more toward blending the families.

I'm listening to Kurt Elling, who drives me nuts in all the right ways. It's been awhile since I've put on one of his albums (do we still call them that?) and listened to it start to end, because I use the computer or iPod now and almost always mix it up. He's just crazy... lyricizing (spell check tells me that's not a real word and it want to turn it into this: criticizinglies, which is quite interesting in itself..) instrumental works. Singing Coltane and Shorter, note for note, dead on. Simply put, he makes my brain feel really good. Mmmmm. My synapses spark.

His lyrics are usually quite fabulous too, 'cause he was a student of theology and in general he's a smart dude:

Take a spark of it - deep within you - put it to the test - it will do the rest -
I confess - It will be like
climbing up Mount Everest - I can't express the view from there - but it's

for you to follow through.

So he's my little spark for the day... my supplier of affirmation. As I push forward in the personal and professional aspects of my life --- all new, all challenging, all putting me to the test, daily, I try so hard to remember that all I have to be is myself, simply me, and the rest will follow.

So here's a bit of me, in the form of art. I love abstract. I love folk art. I have 2 separate artistic selves, and they met each other.... Like everything I do, you need to look at it from far away, and then up close to see what's really there.... So lookie here:

Now come a little closer...

Now just a little more.... (put your glasses on!)
It's actually brighter than this...and I'm pushing to get a start on the Alice in Wonderland playbill... so no brightness tweaking right now..

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