Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Philly's momma is cleaning my kitchen, and has been for an hour (God bless her!). Liv's happily doing her pre-teen thing, whatever that may be, Caleb's snoozing, and Phil's raising Cain at a local school meeting.

I put the finishing touches on my new painting, now its framed and ready to go.
(this is it, but before I framed it, and before I cut a few inches off the bottom...)

Ready for a name, too. This is a first in a series of very abstract images of Vermont. They really have to been seen in person, because there's almost a bit of a "where's waldo" type hidden image thing going on. This one is of Church Street --- honest! It's of the top block, the UU Church, the clock, the fountains, people, umbrellas, the whole works. Then, after the basics were put on, the predictable image.... I went to town and redefined it how I see it, and spoke to it with my feelings. They're all good and sweet and wonderful. This painting is a reflection of how this part of my city is important to me --- it's about the swirl, the light, the wind, the cold wind, the hot sun, the people --- seeing old friends, seeing people you just kind of know... it's about the Old North End kids splashing in the fountain, the color of the buildings against the cool blue autumn sky. It's about the pulse of life on a hot summer day, or the stillness in January, late on a snowy night. That's what I see, and feel.

So, having cleaned my house somewhat thoroughly over the past few days in preparation for Helen's visit (ha ha --- that's a very funny testament to my housecleaning priorities... considering that she's, at this moment, scrubbing my stovetop!), I don't have much to do at this moment.

When all else fails, blog.

What's going on inside my head today, right now, and probably tomorrow too:
  • I am sleepy.
  • I think I have reached the point where I can exhale about the Art of Action application and get through the next 48 hours without wondering if I might have a chance...
  • I am so very thankful that I finally found a studio.
  • I would like some new black shoes.
  • I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the debate tomorrow night. I cringed so much at the Katie Couric interviews.... I don't want to feel that icky again anytime soon.
  • I sure do love that Doe's Leap Goat Maple Kefir. I wake up thinking about it.
  • I'm ecstatic that Helen is getting a really big kick out of cleaning my house (she just came in with a big smile, letting me know how ecstatic she is!)
  • There is absolutely nothing I need to do right now, except be myself.
So on that lovely note, I'm going to go smile at Helen and sit in the kitchen while she continues to scrub my stove, I'll be myself, she'll be hers, we'll share some ecstasy, and call it a day.

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