Monday, November 17, 2008

All kinds of great stuff...

It's Monday morning, the wind is blowing the leaves around the backyard. I'm still but scurrying in that electronic kind of way... updating the website, putting together a promo email, contacting newspapers, all in prep for my show at the Daily Planet in 2 weeks. This autumn has whirled by, like the leaves in some ways. A few months ago I had a pile of plain wood, now I have 9 new paintings that truly have a life of their own. Paint + brush + me. That's all. Amazing how simple it is.

Lately I've really begun to appreciate that simplicity, and how, when I let the materials direct me, I can create pieces that are true to my self. There's such a meditative quality to making art, even with it's frustrations and challenges. I've been working hard on finding my voice, listening to that little thing that says, "Make me a skkkkkyscraper, please!" or, "Oh Jodi stop painting right now or you're gonna screw this one up!" It's funny, and actually sounds quite insane, but it's what I have to listen to in order to make pieces that are honest.

Other great stuff... I have an upcoming residency with the Kasini House Gallery in Burlington. I'm doing a series of votive paintings that show messages of gratitude from residents of Burlington's Old North End. More info on me other blog: Thankful That...

So right now I need to finish updating my site, have some tea, pack my bag, and head over to the studio. I have a few more pieces that will, hopefully, be ready for the Planet. More cities, more water, more sky. Simple as that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It's been quite awhile since I put anything up here. Mostly because I realized, through the use of Google Analytics, that no one actually reads this! Not that that should deter me, of course, but it has put this at the bottom of my list of things to do these days.

Artistically, I've been happily busy. New studio is up and in business, but my-oh-my I have quite a problem... it stinks, literally. The old kerosene heater in it spews a nasty kerosene mist around. Peww! Otherwise, it's perfect! It's big, bright, big, and private. And it's across the street from Viva Espresso, which adds much value to the whole deal! So I've been going to work there on a regular basis, and have created some new stuff that I think is pretty cool.

Life in general is quite lovely. I'm happy to watch the season change. I love filling my little cart at the co-op with squash, onions and sweet potatoes. We roasted some in the woodfired oven yesterday --- it was such a delight. I love how life slows down, and how snug we all get.

So, today, I'll enjoy the late afternoon sunshine with a cup of tea with my friend Nance, who is on the way over. We'll listen to Amos Lee and other smoothies. Wait for the cacophony of kids to come back from the playground (we're hosting 5 boys this afternoon for a Nerf gun 'battle'). Later, off to a friend's house with Phil to watch the returns, and hopefully pop some champagne. Then downtown to celebrate with the Progs at Sweetwaters, then honky-tonk with Brett at Radio Bean.