Monday, February 2, 2009

the studio

The new studio is so lovely. Here are pics from when cristine was there --- her art hangs in these shots.

New website! New Studio!

Really cool things happening a-late. A wonderfully wonderful new studio in place, full of light, warm with HEAT, full of amazing, amazing creative energy (thank you cristine and shawna!). I'm a bit overjoyed by it all.

I almost went there this morning to work, as I have a new show coming up in (gulp) 2 weeks at Drink on St. Paul St. in Burlington. Seven of my paintings just hit the road with the great folks at Burlington City Arts. They're hanging them in Montpelier at the National Life building, next to Gillian Klein's. Should be a great showing --- she does very cool city scenes. So I have some work to do to get more ready for the show. I'm still cranking out cityscapes, and they're taking a different form. Here's a newbie:

It's called "To the Bridge", acrylic on birch, 18x24 (?... have to re-measure). Lots of cool texture and detail.

I just updated my website too, finally.
Looks much better, fresher... especially with the redbeet egg photo --- mmmm.